Group bookings

Group bookings

Some things are better with friends!

Group bookings are a great way to support your community to have a breast screen. Perhaps you work with a group of people who may need some extra support to screen, or you are part of a club that would like to screen together.

At BreastScreen Victoria, we support group bookings for many different groups. Some of these groups include:

  • Aboriginal health services
  • Multicultural community groups
  • Disability groups
  • Community health organisations

Group bookings are just like regular breast screen appointments. The difference is approximately 4-10 appointments are booked on behalf of a group. This allows the group to attend their appointment together and support each other.

The benefits of group bookings include: 

  • Group members can provide each other with support
  • Group bookings are more private
  • Group members have more time to ask staff questions and debrief after their screen

If you are interested in coordinating a group breast screen booking please complete this group booking form and we will be in touch with you.