LCIS, ADH and ALH may increase your risk

Some benign (non-cancerous) breast conditions mean you may have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. These include:

  • Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)
  • Atypical ductal hyperplasias(ADH)
  • Atypical lobular hyperplasia (ALH)

    In these conditions, the cells in the breast lobules or ducts become abnormal in shape and size and begin to multiply. If you are diagnosed with LCIS, ALH or ADH this does not mean that you have breast cancer. However, having one of these conditions increases your risk (chance) of developing breast cancer. 

If you are diagnosed with ADH, LCIS or ALH and choose to remain in our screening program, you will be invited for an annual breast screen up to the age of 74. After this age, we will recommend you discuss your on-going management with your doctor. You can still have annual screening but you will not receive a reminder letter from us.

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