Promote screening


Promote screening with your patients

There are various ways to increase screening participation at your practice or pharmacy. BreastScreen Victoria can provide you with support to do this.

Who is eligible?

Women aged 40 and over who do not have breast symptoms are eligible for free breast screens with BreastScreen Victoria.

Women aged 50 to 74 are invited for a free breast screen every two years. This is because the evidence of benefit is strongest in this age group.

Women in their 40s and over 74 are encouraged to talk to their doctor about whether breast screening is right for them.

Providing reminders

You can add recall flags so that you can remind women at their next consultation that they are due for a breast screen appointment. If your practice uses the PEN CS clinical audit tool and receives patient results electronically from us you can use your system to identify:

  • women who have never screened as they won't have any results
  • lapsed screeners as they won't have any results within the last two years

Partnering with pharmacies

Pharmacists are often on the front line of health care and can be powerful advocates for breast screening. A number of pharmacies have joined our campaign to promote breast screening in their communities.

Our pharmacy campaign also meets the Health Promotion Activity T3H Checklist for the Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP)

We provide free training, resources, support and reporting documentation for your accreditation.

To find out more about how your pharmacy can take part, contact us and ask to speak to the Health Promotion team.

What promotion options are available?

Our website allows people to book an appointment through My BreastScreen. The What happens at a screening section takes you through the process and also includes the video shown below about having a breast screen. 

You can order a health professional recommendation pad which provides information to encourage women to book an appointment.

We have a range of free information resources in a variety of languages that you can order for your practice.

What happens?

Watch a breast screen

This short video shows you what happens at a breast screening appointment and talks about common concerns. Please contact us if you are still concerned after watching the video and we will be happy to help. 

WARNING: Due to the nature of breast screening, this video contains nudity.

Would you like more information? Please speak with us.