LGBTIQ+ people

LGBTIQ+ people

We are committed to making sure our services are inclusive, welcoming, and safe for LGBTIQ+ people.

LGBTIQ+ inclusive practice

Rainbow Tick

In March 2019, BreastScreen Victoria achieved a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to diversity, inclusion, and accessible screening for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTIQ+) people. BreastScreen Victoria's Coordination Unit and Mobile Screening Service achieved a Rainbow Tick accreditation for our commitment to safe and inclusive practice - a first for a breast screening service in Australia. Achieving accreditation is the culmination of many years' work to better understand the needs of LGBTIQ+ people.

In the community

Rainbow Rose

In support of our commitment to inclusive practice, we hold regular LGBTIQ+ community screening sessions, called Rainbow Sessions.

Sessions are held outside of business hours at various BreastScreen clinics. They are designed to create a safe space for people to screen individually or as a group among other LGBTIQ+ people. 

Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women was a photo series campaign celebrating the diversity of LGBTI+ women photographed by Lisa White. It explores the characteristics of beauty in all shapes, sizes, colours, abilities, and ages. It also celebrates the contributions that LGBTI+ women have made in challenging narrow definitions of female beauty. Beauty is presented as 'beyond skin' to a sense of pride in 'who we are'.

See the Beautiful Women poster and read more about the campaign.

Our research identified the following barriers to screening for LGBTIQ+ people: previous experiences of discrimination in healthcare, lack of representation in promotional materials, staff lack of knowledge, fear that they may have to ‘come out’ in the process.

These barriers not only impact negatively on a person’s experience and choice, but can also deter an individual from accessing routine screening due to lack of awareness, or fear of the ignorance or discrimination they may encounter.

There is currently a limited amount of guidance on breast screening for intersex people. It is recommended that if you have an Intersex variation, that you speak with your doctor to discuss your individual needs. If breast screening is recommended, you can attend BreastScreen, provided you are over the age of 40 and meet our other eligibility criteria.

When you book and attend your appointment we will only collect information that is required to perform your breast screen. We will not ask you to disclose information about your sexual orientation, gender identity, or intersex status.

If you would like us to record this information on your file please let us know. If recorded, this information will be visible to contact centre and reception staff, and clinical staff who access your record. We will not record this information unless you provide consent.