Client feedback

Client feedback

You can provide feedback about our service at any time. To provide feedback, please click on the pink "Feedback" button that appears on the right of the page or call 13 20 50.

BreastScreen Victoria regularly invites clients to submit feedback about their recent  breast screening experience by completing a Client Feedback Survey online.

After their appointment, we ask clients to tell us about their experience with BreastScreen Victoria. There are two Client Feedback Surveys—one for screening and one for assessment. Both surveys have questions relating to the appointment. They take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Client Feedback Surveys are essential in helping us to understand your breast screening experience and needs. By looking at survey results and feedback, we can identify things we are doing well and highlight areas that need improving.

Collecting and using client feedback is also an organisational priority for BreastScreen Australia. National Accreditation Standards (NAS) ensure that breast screening programs in all states and territories are of high quality. One of the standards (NAS 6.6) states, "The Service and/or State Coordination Unit actively seeks feedback from women about the acceptability and appropriateness of screening and assessment."

BreastScreen Victoria invites clients to complete two post-appointment surveys:

  1. Screening: Clients who have had a recent breast screen appointment
  2. Assessment: Clients who are called back after their breast screen appointment for further tests and receive an all-clear result (no breast cancer diagnosis)

We send the surveys to clients who have either a valid email address or mobile number on their records and consent to receive marketing communications.

It can be a sensitive time for someone when they receive a breast cancer diagnosis, and it might not be appropriate to receive a survey invitation.

The number of surveys depends on the number of clients who have an appointment. On average, we send 3,500 screening surveys and 150 assessment surveys every week.

You have recently had a breast screen or been called back for an assessment at BreastScreen Victoria. We would like to know about your experience so that we can evaluate and improve our service.

Survey responses are de-identified and your personal identity is not revealed. Your responses will be treated with confidence and do not affect your future attendance at BreastScreen Victoria. Your feedback is used to inform service quality improvement decisions.

Participating in the survey is voluntary. We encourage everyone to complete it. Your feedback is essential and will be used to help improve BreastScreen Victoria services in the future. If you choose not to complete the survey, this will not affect your invitation for your next breast screen appointment.

Currently, the survey is only available in English.

The survey link is active for two weeks after receiving the invitation. A reminder email will be sent to you five days after their initial invitation if you have not completed it.

BreastScreen Victoria complies with relevant legislation relating to confidentiality and privacy. All survey responses are de-identified and anonymous unless you specifically request follow-up about the feedback you provide. For more information, see BreastScreen Victoria Privacy Policy.

Following your appointment, you will receive an invitation to complete a survey via email or SMS. Complete the survey online. It takes 5-10 minutes.

Once you start the online survey, there will be a 30-minute freeze period before you can complete it if you pause or close your browser. This prevents multiple entries from one person.

If you have qustions about the survey, please contact