Further upgrades to our data security

The security of our client data is paramount at BreastScreen Victoria. That is why we take a proactive approach to cyber safety.  

Our Information and Technology team is rolling out further enhancements to our online booking portal, MyBreastScreen, to further strengthen our data security. 

From 13 June, we require all clients to change their current password to a 15-character passphrase. This applies to new clients and those with an existing MyBreastScreen account. We will also now notify you when the password on your MyBreastScreen account is changed.  

Please see the FAQs below for more information. To learn about past security enhancements, click here. 
If you have trouble accessing your MyBreastScreen account, please get in touch on 13 20 50. 

FAQs: further security enhancements

We are asking you to replace your current MyBreastScreen password to further enhance the security of your account. Your new password should be a passphrase of 15 characters.  

A passphrase is a string of unrelated words. It does not need to include a mix of upper and lower-case letters, digits or symbols like traditional passwords. Passphrases are unique to the holder and therefore very difficult for hackers to crack. The less predictable the passphrase, the better. For instance, ‘book dog apple desk’ is much harder to guess than a sentence such as ‘I like to eat chocolate’.

We will now notify you when the password on your MyBreastScreen account is changed. This is a security measure to alert you to any potential suspicious activity. If you have changed your password, simply ignore this email. However, if you have not changed your password, please contact us immediately on 13 20 50.