Rainbow Sessions


Rainbow Sessions

Breast screening for LGBTI+ and TGD people

In support of BreastScreen Victoria’s commitment to accessible and inclusive screening, we hold regular, dedicated LGBTI+ and TGD screening sessions.

Eligible Victorians between the high-risk ages of 50-74* are highly encouraged to attend. Appointments take 10 minutes, are free, conducted by a woman, and do not need a GP's referral or Medicare card.

For information about screening and eligibility please see our Screening FAQ for LGBTI+ people and our Breast/chest screening for trans and gender diverse people fact sheet.


Date                                   Time                                               Rainbow Session                                             Location                                                  
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* Our program is available to all eligible Victorians, but anyone aged 40-49 or 75+ who wants to screen for the first time, or is not in a high-risk category (annual screener), will go on a waiting list. You will be invited to screen as soon as there are appointments available at your preferred location.