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Picture of Health


Picture of Health

Screen with pride. Get your picture of health.  

We provide free breast screens to women and trans and gender diverse people with no breast symptoms.  Breast screens every two years are the best way to find breast cancer early.  

BreastScreen Victoria is Rainbow Tick accredited, meaning we are committed to offering a safe, inclusive, and welcoming service to LGBTI+ people.  

Check your eligibility  

You should screen every two years if you are aged 50 to 74.  

Trans and gender diverse people can have a unique set of factors that may affect risk. Check your eligibility and ask your doctor about your personal risk factors/if you need screening.  

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Picture of Health is a partnership between BreastScreen Victoria and Thorne Harbour Health to encourage more LGBTI+ community members to have regular breast screens. LGBTI+ people are less likely to have had a breast screen, and we want to change that. 

Meet our ambassadors

Our Picture of Health ambassadors Brenda, Ricki, Caroline and Deb share the importance of screening and urge others to check their eligibility. 


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Share our social media tiles, posters, and videos with your friends, family, and communities.  

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“LGBTI+ people are less likely to have had a breast screen, and we want to change that. Screen with pride and get your picture of health. Check your eligibility at breastscreen.org.au/pictureofhealth or call 13 20 50.”

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Research shows us that LGBTI+ people aged 50-74 are more than twice as likely never to have had a breast screen, compared with non-LGBTI+ people in the same age group.

LGBTI+ people can experience barriers to screening, including previous experiences of discrimination in healthcare, staff lack of knowledge, and fear that they might have to ‘come out’ in the process.

To ensure you have a positive and safe screening experience, we provide clear eligibility guidelines for screening and LGBTI+ inclusive practice training for staff.

Picture of Health uses the terms ‘breast’ when referring to ‘breast cancer’ and ‘breast screening’. This is because breast cancer refers to cancer in breast tissue, which everyone has, regardless of gender, and medically speaking, we screen the breast and not the chest. 

We understand that some people may find the term ‘breast’ a gendered word, and not everyone identifies with having ‘breasts’. We use ‘breast’ in the non-gendered medical sense, referring to the technically correct term (breast tissue), the type of cancer that affects this area (breast cancer), and the screening of breast and not chest (breast screening). 

Trans and gender diverse people can have a unique set of factors that may affect risk. Talk to your doctor about your personal risk factors and the need for screening. For more information, please see our fact sheet.  

With over 46 clinics and mobile services covering 29 locations every two years, find your closest clinic here.  


Book at breastscreen.org.au or call 13 20 50