St Vincent’s BreastScreen share their furry friends

Pets have taken pride of place at St Vincent’s BreastScreen on their new pet board.

The team created the board to showcase their beloved four-legged family members and make colleagues smile. From dogs to cats and rabbits, all pets are welcome.

Along with the dedicated pet board, there’s a second board filled with photos of team outings, weddings, and family members.

“With the current climate we’re living in, small things make us happy,” said Gemma Twomey, Administration Manager at St Vincent’s BreastScreen. “We were redoing our boards in the department and came up with the idea of having a pet board. As soon as we said it out loud, everyone’s faces just lit up.”

When asked why she thought the small project had such a big impact, Gemma said, “Pets have become even more important to us during this difficult time, and we all have a new appreciation for them. Everyone loves showing their pets off. It’s also a great way for everyone in the department to come together.”