New GP videos simplify breast screening information

A series of new videos to help clients and GPs better understand the BreastScreen Victoria program are now available. 

In two videos, BreastScreen Victoria’s GP advisor Dr Alia Kaderbhai explains the importance of breast screening and what you need to know about the program. These are clear and simple resources that help clients understand eligibility and scope of the program. They also set out what clients can expect from a breast screen, and as assessment appointment if they are called back.

Dr Kaderbhai has also created a video aimed at GPs, where she explains when to recommend a screening versus a diagnostic mammogram. 

Health professionals are essential in helping their patients make good choices about their health. That's why, at BreastScreen Victoria, we engage and work with GPs, pharmacies, and Primary Health Networks to provide information and promote access to breast screening.

BreastScreen Victoria's Specialist Advisors like Dr Kaderbhai play an essential role to help us improve and reach out with clear and trusted information.  

Dr Kaderbhai works as a GP in an inner suburban practice in Melbourne and is currently the Chair of the Breast Medicine Network for the RACGP. She is a strong advocate for the importance of GP's play in the prevention, risk reduction, and treatment of breast cancer. 

Dr Kaderbhai’s videos are available on BreastScreen Victoria's YouTube channel, the Specialist Advisors page, and throughout our website You can also watch them below. 

BreastScreen Victoria offers resources for health professionals and educational activities as well as patient support services.