Follow up appointments to take place closer to home for Goulburn Valley clients

BreastScreen Victoria is excited to open a new reading and assessment centre in Shepparton later this year, providing more convenience and better access to services for our clients in the Goulburn Valley.

The new centre is in addition to our screening clinic in Shepparton and is for the small number of clients we invite back for further tests following their breast screen. Our clients in the Goulburn Valley area will benefit from this great new service closer to home, saving time travelling to an assessment appointment in Melbourne or interstate.

During COVID-19 restrictions last year, BreastScreen Victoria client Marg Smith, 63, from Strathmerton had a breast screen in Shepparton. She was called back to have further tests at St Vincent’s BreastScreen in Melbourne.

“I had an irregular mammogram, so I went down to St Vincent’s to have further tests done," Marg said. "I had two biopsies which proved there was an issue.”

Marg was found to have two areas of cancerous tissue in her breast and was scheduled for surgery soon after. Following a lumpectomy to remove the tissue, she had a course of radiation therapy and currently has no more cancerous tissue in her breast.

“To begin, I was anxious, but the care given to me was fantastic, I just felt really safe and confident with the treatment I was given,” Marg said. “At no point did I feel I had to say, ‘hang on a second’ because I felt reassured about what they were doing and saying.”

Marg thinks the new Shepparton service will be great for the region, not just in the city but for clients in outlying areas too.

“It would have been convenient to have the assessment service in Shepparton, as the travel down can be quite daunting as well as having all that time to think about what’s ahead of you," she said.

“Shepparton is a big town of 60,000 plus and it will be beneficial for women in the area to have this service readily available and it will free up appointments in other places,” Marg added.

BreastScreen Victoria CEO Terri Smith said, “We’re excited that a new BreastScreen Victoria Reading and Assessment Service in Shepparton will make it much easier for our clients in Goulburn Valley to get further testing locally, without travelling to Melbourne or interstate.”

“A breast screen every two years is an important way to look after your health – it’s free, takes just 10 minutes, and could save your life," Terri said.

This will be the BreastScreen Victoria’s ninth Reading and Assessment Service in Victoria.