BreastScreen Victoria celebrates a night of consumer voices

BreastScreen Victoria celebrates a night of consumer voices 

BreastScreen Victoria Consumer Representatives and Ambassadors joined CEO Terri Smith and our Consumer Engagement Team at the Abbotsford Convent's Flesh After Fifty exhibition for a special engagement event Wednesday night.  

Our new Consumer Engagement team spoke about their mission to involve consumers at every level of decision-making, facilitating interactive workshops and other potential collaborations.   

Away from the crowds, visitors explored the exhibition. Flesh After Fifty explores and challenges negative stereotypes of ageing while celebrating and promoting positive images of older women through art.

Consumer Representatives and Ambassadors enjoyed some mingling and heard about upcoming engagement opportunities at BreastScreen Victoria and the work of our Consumer Engagement team.  

Consumer Engagement Coordinator Kate Van Lierop.

 "The consumer engagement event was an important night for us as we are a new team, and right from the outset, we wanted to work with consumers to learn about what matters to them," said BreastScreen Victoria Consumer Engagement Coordinator Kate Van Lierop.

A night out was a fun way to start important conversations about consumer engagement and how they could help shape our services into the future.  

"We will continue to encourage ideas and foster environments where collaboration is possible," Kate said. "We will be looking at how we can embed their voices at all levels of the organisation. From local services, appointments, and our central head office, we want the consumer to be represented in all parts of the organisation."  

Jenny Lane with Ambassadors Sharan Kafoa and Catriona Bruce, who is also a Consumer Representative.

Jenny Lane has been a Consumer Representative and Ambassador with BreastScreen Victoria for approximately three years. 

"Being a Consumer Representative and Ambassador is very interesting. I have learnt so much about the inner-workings of BreastScreen Victoria, how diverse they are and how their whole focus is on the consumer."

Jenny encourages people who are interested in taking part in the program to get involved. "Come and give it a try," she said. "If you like it, you can work as little or as much as you like. You can also have a lot of fun. BreastScreen Victoria is constantly looking for feedback. Somebody asked me recently, 'Do BreastScreen listen?' And yes, they do." 

Jenny Lane and BreastScreen Victoria CEO Terri Smith.

If you would like to know more about getting involved in our Consumer Representative and Ambassador program, contact