2023 in review: Consumer Engagement

In 2023, our key focus was embedding consumer engagement in every level of our organisation. Establishment of the Consumer Advisory Group, Aboriginal Consumer Advisory Group, Disability Action Plan Working Group and Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group allowed us to bring the consumer voice to where the decisions are being made.  


We recorded a 33% increase in the number of consumers involved in engagement activities over the year with an overall satisfaction rating of 4.7/5. Many Consumer Network members shared feedback on their engagement experience in our annual evaluation survey, one consumer reflected on BSV’s approach to engagement, sharing that “The efficiency, the successful community engagement and the determination to improve in SO many areas is inspiring.”  

Over the year, we conducted 16 consumer engagement activities and projects including new clinic openings, resource reviews and media activities. These have all been strengthened by consumer insights, ensuring our services are responsive and reflective of our client’s needs.  

The 2023 Consumer Engagement report provides an overview of our 2023 highlights, an insight into the experiences of consumers in the Network and a look at some of the key focus areas in 2024. 

To view the full report, click here.