About Us

BreastScreen Victoria is an accredited part of BreastScreen Australia, jointly funded by State and Federal Governments.

The program includes three service components: the BreastScreen Victoria Coordination Unit, about 19 Screening Service Providers and eight Reading and Assessment Services.

The BreastScreen Victoria Coordination Unit is an independently incorporated association which administers funding for the Screening and Assessment Services, manages the centralised appointment registry, coordinates the Mobile Screening Service, manages client screening and assessment data, develops and reviews program policy, monitors service provision, coordinates special projects and supports state-wide recruitment.

Screening and Assessment Services provide all clinical services from the initial screening mammogram to any further procedures required to the point of diagnosis. BreastScreen Victoria is proud to have developed strong relationships with both the public and private health service providers who manage the daily operation of the Screening and Assessment Services.

The eight regional BreastScreen Services read images from multiple sites in their catchment area, including the sites visited every two years by the Mobile Screening Service (two vans), and where necessary they conduct assessment for all women in their region.




The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) and Medicare have provided the names and contact details of Victorian women aged 50-74 years to BreastScreen Victoria. This information has been provided so women can be invited to attend the BreastScreen Program and will only be used to invite women for screening. Please contact BreastScreen Victoria if you do not wish to receive any further communication.