Why client voices matter

Wendy knows first-hand that client feedback is crucial for BreastScreen Victoria to deliver a high-quality service that puts clients first.

Clients are integral to the development and design of our services. We actively engage them to share their experiences and offer a range of opportunities to contribute feedback—including focus groups, surveys and planning workshops—that help us better understand their diverse needs.

One of these clients is Wendy Leegel—a leadership, culture and change practitioner passionate about health advocacy and education. Wendy has been part of BreastScreen Victoria’s Consumer Network for more than five years.

“I see myself as someone who comes from the working women’s fraternity—we’re educated, smart women, yet we can be so ignorant about our own health. We lack focus on looking after ourselves.

“My role as part of the Consumer Network is to work in partnership with BreastScreen Victoria to get the message out there, to saturate women with information about the importance of regular breast screens.”

Wendy looks at our service from her perspective as a client to provide feedback on our work and share ideas to improve our service.

Wendy is enthusiastic about her essential role in ensuring we continue to provide outstanding care to clients, demonstrated at this year’s Consumer Engagement Workshop.

“The workshop was brilliant. It was a wonderful gathering of like-minded but diverse women with skills in business and leadership, marketing, finance, IT, and communication.

“We all have different ideas, and we all have different views."

Wendy says events like the Consumer Engagement Workshop encourage diversity of thought and challenge inherent biases, which means there will be better solutions and outcomes for clients.

“It works so well because the attitude at BreastScreen is a growth mindset. They are always willing to try new things.”