Screen for Life

Screen for Life campaign: media toolkit



Campaign overview

This is part of a three-year communications strategy which aims to lift brand awareness and breast screening rates especially with new screeners and priority groups including Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and LGBTIQ+ communities. 

The campaign encourages women to think about and celebrate what they're really screening for when they screen for breast cancer; to screen for breast cancer so they are ready to enjoy everything life has waiting for them. 

Screen for Life video

We posed aspirational questions to our clients, prompting them to ponder life's joys and wonders. Through storytelling, we then introduced a twist, surprising both the participants and viewers, and compelling them to get screened every 2 years. 

Screen for Life assets

The campaign concept and production of the videos led to assets that capture a wide variety of hopes and aspirations of Victorian women. 

Please download the assets below to promote our campaign.

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Campaign key messages

Screen for the big things and the little things. Screen for new adventures and the time of your life. Screen for the ones you love, and the ones you are going to love.  

75% of breast cancers occur in women over 50. If you are aged 50 to 74, book a free 10-minute breast screen, every 2 years, so you can enjoy everything life has waiting for you.  

Don’t just screen for tomorrow, screen for life.  

Book at or call 13 20 50. 

To learn if breast screening is right for you download this brochure or call 13 20 50. 

About BreastScreen Victoria

At BreastScreen Victoria, we save lives and reduce the impact of breast cancer through early detection. 

We invite women and trans and gender-diverse people aged 50 to 74 with no breast symptoms to have a free, 10-minute breast screen every 2 years.

Breast screens with us are performed by woman radiographers and do not require a Medicare card or doctor's referral. With over 45 clinics and 2 mobile screening services across the state, you can choose a clinic that is convenient for you.

To book an appointment visit or call 13 20 50. 


For media enquiries or additional information about the campaign, contact Lorena Gibson, Communications Manager at