Monash BreastScreen team supports state COVID-19 effort

Monash BreastScreen staff reassigned to support the COVID-19 effort (L-R): Anita Lee, Rangi Sindeep, Diana Khamu, Radhika Khurana, Rowena Hoffman, Najumah Kimmie, and Kaye Beattie. Not pictured: Kelly Dobie, Rose Leong, and Emily Lowe.

Eleven staff members at Monash BreastScreen took up roles to support the state’s response to COVID-19 when screening temporarily closed at the end of March.

Staff including radiographers, nursing, data and administrative staff were reassigned to work at the Procurement – Contact Centre COVID-19 State Supply Chain, at Monash Health’s site in Scoresby.

One member of staff supported Monash’s People and Culture team to identify staff and managers across Monash Health at greater risk of serious illness from COVID-19 and optimise their safety at work.

Radhika Khurana was one of our first employees to be reassigned, temporarily moving from breast screening services to Procurement – Contact Centre COVID-19 State Supply Chain.  

​Radhika said, “In a time of such uncertainty, it was welcoming to be able to find meaningful work.” 

Not only was Radhika reassigned temporarily to a new role, she also had the opportunity to be part of the development of the Monash Health Distribution Services Centre. Over the course of a few short weeks, this facility became the epicentre for Personal Protective Equipment supply to the state’s health services.  

“I am proud to be working for an organisation that is fighting in the frontline of this situation and making an impact to the broader Victorian community,’ Radhika added.

“Not only have I been able to stay employed during so much uncertainty but have been able to broaden my skills and learn in real-time.”