About Us

BreastScreen Victoria aims to reduce the impact of a breast cancer diagnosis ensuring Victorian women have the best health outcome through early detection. We aim to provide free mammograms to 70 per cent of women aged 50−74 every two years, as they are the group most at risk of developing the disease. However, all women 40+ are eligible to attend.

BreastScreen Victoria is a fully accredited part of BreastScreen Australia, and is jointly funded by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments.

BreastScreen Victoria is made up of three components:


BSV Business
Coordination Unit (BCU)


Screening Service


Reading and Assessment

The BCU is responsible for administering the funding for Screening, Reading and Assessment services.

It is also the central hub for all information, appointment services, communications, recruitment, MSS coordination, and monitoring service levels to implement quality improvements.

With 41 permanent screening clinics across Victoria, and 25 sites that are visited every two years by the Mobile Screening Service (MSS), we strive for equality of access for all Victorian women.

Our MSS also visits two Aboriginal cooperatives: Rumbalara and Murray Valley.

BreastScreen Victoria engages with 8 Reading and Assessment centres across the Victoria.

These services read images from multiple sites, including the MSS, and also provide all clinical services from the initial breast screen to any further procedures required to the point of diagnosis.


The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) and Medicare have provided the names and contact details of Victorian women aged 50-74 years to BreastScreen Victoria. This information has been provided so women can be invited to attend the BreastScreen Program and will only be used to invite women for screening. Please contact BreastScreen Victoria if you do not wish to receive any further communication.