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Women get free breast screens at the Seniors Festival


Women get free breast screens at the Seniors Festival

Our mobile screening van, ‘Marjorie’ was at Celebration Day in Federation Square on 7 October 2018– the launch of the Victorian Seniors Festival.

We were lucky to have radiographer, Sarah Dunn, on board providing free breast screens for women, with appointments filling up fast.


Photo: Radiographer Sarah Dunn, Acting CEO Doris Whitmore and Health Promotion Officer Nikki Drummond, 
outside the van on Celebration Day 2018.

Outside the van, our friendly team answered questions and shared information about breast health and breast cancer. Women took away brochures, reminder magnets, pens and nail files.

It was a sunny day, with music, dance performances and a bustling crowd. Many women took the opportunity to get a screen for the first time, or book in at their nearest clinic.