The Screen #6 Turning 50

Pink birthday cake and flowers.

Welcome to The Screen, a podcast by BreastScreen Victoria. 

Our aim is to see women empowered by information, because when women are informed, they make the best choices for their health.

Turning 50 can certainly be a daunting experience but it can also be a very exciting time. Many women talk about a liberation that comes with age and a sense of freedom that can only be appreciated as you get older.

We are seeing more and more opportunities opening up for women of this age and it’s not uncommon to see people embracing completely new careers. But it can also be a very busy time. Whether it’s providing support and care for children, caring for ageing parents or even starting over in new jobs, there can often be little time to spend on yourself. To find out exactly what it’s like to be 50 in 2018 we spoke to three women, Natalie, Gill and Sue to find out more.

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