The Screen #5 Ophelia

Three women from diverse backgrounds smiling.

Welcome to The Screen, a podcast by BreastScreen Victoria. 

Our aim is to see women empowered by information, because when women are informed, they make the best choices for their health.

Imagine if English was your second language and you were trying to navigate through our health care system. These days we need more than brochures to ensure everyone is getting the right information about their health.

In this podcast we talk to Professor Richard Osborne from Deakin University about the ‘Ophelia’ project, which is all about working with the community to make health services more accessible for everyone, regardless of their literacy level.

Annie Cooper and Gina Asdagi from BreastScreen Victoria also talk about how we’ve implemented the Ophelia approach into the way we communicate with women and increase their access to breast screening.

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