Soft drink cancer risk


Soft drink cancer risk

Research has found that consuming sugary drinks increases your risk of cancer even if the sugar is not showing up on your waistline.

A study of 35,000 Australians by Cancer Council Victoria and University of Melbourne found that a person’s risk of suffering from 11 cancers rose sharply if they drank one or more soft drinks a day. Diseases such as prostate, ovary, stomach, kidney, pancreatic and post-menopausal breast cancers are associated with obesity.

But the Cancer Council and University of Melbourne study found frequent sugary drink consumption increased their risk by 18 per cent. It found the increased cancer risk from sugar was present regardless of whether the drinker was overweight or not.

The not-so-sweet results, which are published in the Public Health Nutrition journal today, were supported by findings showing the chances of suffering from the cancers did not rise for those who drank diet versions of the drinks.

You can read more about the study: HERE and HERE

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