Participation Low at Ringwood BreastScreen Clinic

Heathmont breast cancer survivor Wendy Scott urges local women not to be complacent about prioritising their health as appointments at the Ringwood BreastScreen clinic struggle to fill.

The 55 year old was diagnosed with breast cancer at the Ringwood BreastScreen clinic in 2012. She had no breast cancer symptoms and was encouraged to have a mammogram by her GP.

“For many years I fobbed off reminders by the clinic I attended to have another mammogram. I thought, I'm healthy so what's the point? No lump, no need,” Ms Scott said.

“But, there was a lump. It was cancer not felt during examination and only one centimetre in size. If I left for only few more months and I would have been facing an even more challenging journey than the one I am on now.”

Ms Scott underwent a lumpectomy and radiation therapy and has now made it her mission to encourage other women to be proactive about taking care of their health.