Don’t put your screen off – says City of Greater Dandenong Councillor Roz Blades

SEMPHN Roz Visit

City of Greater Dandenong councillor, Roz Blades visited the BreastScreen Victoria mobile screening van at Palm Plaza—to help spread the word about breast screening.

Cr Blades was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 53. With a background in nursing, radiology and community health, she knew the importance of regular breast screens. She had no symptoms when the cancer was found, and fortunately it was successfully treated.

Cr Blades says there is nothing to be frightened of when getting a breast screen, and at the very least you will have peace of mind for the next few years.

“If they do detect cancer, it can be treated. And the earlier, the better,” she said.

Thanks to earlier detection and better treatments, more women than ever are surviving breast cancer today.

Cr Blades chatted to van radiographer Olivia Larsen, who has been screening many local women since the van arrived on 14 September.

“I’m hoping my story will encourage women from Greater Dandenong to get a breast screen, because it could save your life,” Cr Blades said.

The van is in Palm Plaza, Dandenong until 27 September offering free screens to women aged 50-74.

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