One in four breast cancers ‘preventable’


One in four breast cancers ‘preventable’

 One in four breast cancers are potentially preventable, an exhaustive evidence review of 68 breast cancer risk factors shows.

Evidence is mounting that smoking may increase the risk of breast cancer, and the case for recommending a diet rich in vegetables, dairy and calcium is also strengthening, according to the latest data.

To cut through the myriad of information and advice about breast cancer, Cancer Australia has launched a website that provides the most up-to-date, evidence-based information about 68 personal, family, genetic, lifestyle and environmental risk factors that can raise or lower the chances of developing breast cancer.

Launched today, the Breast Cancer Risk Factors website has distilled a 563-page review of evidence to explain the magnitude of risk for each factor, and the strength of the research supporting them (from ‘‘convincing’’ to ‘‘unproven or unlikely’’).

You can read more about the new findings in this Sydney Morning Herald article.
You can also read a summary of the risk factors for breast cancer on the Cancer Australia website.