Mother’s Day Classic fast approaching on 13 May


Mother’s Day Classic fast approaching on 13 May

The countdown is back on for this year’s Mother’s Day Classic (#MDC2018) on 13 May, an annual fun run and walk that raises funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Research.

We asked one of our very own Breast Screen Victoria #everydayambassadors Natalie Vujovich about her reasons for taking part, how cancer has personally impacted her and her family life and some tips for how to spend the time after the event- after all it is #Mothersday!



Have you taken part in the MDC run before?
Yes. I think I’ve done about 10 of the MDC’s now.

How will you participating in this year #MDC2018 run?
I am definitely not a runner, but always do the 8km walk. I did my first MDC on my own, but have since managed to convince my sisters as well as my Mum to join me on as many as they can. My big sister has not been able to attend all of them, a couple due to cancer treatment – she underwent a double mastectomy in 2010 and unfortunately is undergoing more treatment at the moment (the end of it soon). My Mum has Dementia Alzheimer’s and so has not been able to join us for the last few years either as it is a bit too much for her or crowds stress her out a bit. I think 2013 was the last time she joined us when she was 77 years old, so not bad. That was the year my Dad passed away too (in the September) and her Alzheimer’s became more noticeable.

What does the Mother’s Day Classic event mean to you?
Cancer sadly has a high profile in my family – out of 4 children I am the only one who hasn’t had Cancer (all different types), and my Dad passed away from multiple Cancers, including breast cancer – and so I take every opportunity I can to support the Cancer Council and this is one that not only helps fundraise for them, but also helps to keep me fit. I will continue to do them until I physically can’t anymore.

Why would you encourage others to sign up and take part? 
When you take part in the event you can’t help but notice the signs on people’s back, the personalised t-shirts that are worn and the companionship that people take away with them. I have had to slow down many a time during the walk as I shed a tear after reading some of the testimonials. It helps to keep you fit and is a simple thing to do that can benefit a lot of people. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by helping to ensure more women everywhere – be it mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, nieces or aunties – are around just that little bit longer (or hopefully a lot longer) to enjoy the life they are living. Make a morning / afternoon of it – book a café for lunch afterwards, book yourself in for a spa afternoon, or simply go home and collapse on the couch knowing your little bit definitely helps.

Good Luck with the walk Natalie and a BIG THANKS for your support towards such an important cause. #walkalloverbreastcancer

With the MDC on 13 May there is still time to register at http://www.mothersdayclassic.com.au/register/