Cancer sufferers alter diet before seeing doc


Cancer sufferers alter diet before seeing doc

Earlier this week the Adelaide Advertiser reported on warnings from a charity that women are more likely to change their diet than seek medical help when suffering from a key symptom of ovarian cancer.

Despite persistent bloating being one of the main signs of the disease, half of women say they would try measures such as eating more probiotic yoghurts or going gluten-free before visiting a doctor. Only a third of women said they would visit their GP if they were concerned, according to the survey of more than British 1000 women by Target Ovarian Cancer. Ovarian cancer mainly affects those who have been through the menopause. Survival rates are poor because three-quarters of women are diagnosed once the cancer has already spread. The Typical symptoms include bloating, a swollen tummy and frequent urinating.

You can learn more information about the signs and symptoms of Ovarian cancer on the Ovarian Cancer Australia website: HERE