Screening event for lesbian and bisexual women


Screening event for lesbian and bisexual women

LGBTI women were asked about their screening needs as part of the Beautiful Women campaign. Women told us they wanted mammograms with their mates. They also wanted to encourage butch lesbians to participate – because they feel this group is under screened. 

In response, BreastScreen Victoria hosted a screening session for lesbian and bisexual women at the Rose Clinic in David Jones, Melbourne in June 2017.

The event was shaped, promoted and named 'Butch Melon Camp' by the women who participated in the campaign – special thanks to Gina Lambropolous, Bree McAullay and Jac Tomlins.

The 12 places available for mammograms were fully booked and 25 women attended the event. The event was such a success that a second event was held in November 2017.

BW butch melon camp

Monique, former State Radiographer for BreastScreen Victoria and Radiographer Jane with some of the participants of the Butch Melon Camp event.

BW rose clinic reception

Lots of positive feedback from women about the Beautiful Women poster developed by BreastScreen Victoria – that hangs pride of place in the Rose Clinic reception.

Lisa White was on site to photograph the event. A 'Butch is Beautiful' social media frame helped send the message to butch women that they are always welcome.

Women who attended the breast screening event were invited to record a message about breast screening to other lesbian and bisexual women.

An Instagram-style photo frame over a door.
A woman holding up a handwritten breast screen sign.
Woman's hands holding a handwritten breast screening sign.
Woman holding a handwritten breast screening sign.
Woman's hands holding a handwritten breast screening sign.
A pair of women's hands holding up a handwritten sign about breast screening.

Links to media coverage

We’re Worth it – Bree’s first mammogram

Bree McAullay had her first mammogram at the Butch Melon Camp event – and then wrote about her experiences. Bree is a creative writer – and the piece she wrote was picked up by the Star Observer newspaper. Bree’s article includes reflections on the professionalism of Monique. – her radiologist and the two got to meet again at JOY 94.9 FM when Bree was part of a radio show that interviewed Monique about the event.

Family Matters – JOY 94.9 FM

In June 2017, Gina Lambropoulos, producer of the popular Family Matters show on JOY 94.9 FM, invited BreastScreen Victoria into the studio to talk about Butch Melon Camp. The show was fun, engaging and helped to spread the BreastScreen message among the LGBTI community.

JOYFM monique dorris