Burmese and Chin women to learn about life-saving cancer screenings

Newly arrived Burmese and Chin women living in Sunshine have the chance to learn about vital cancer screening tests that could save their lives, thanks to funding from PapScreen Victoria and BreastScreen Victoria.

Meg Harbourd, Settlement Support Worker at Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre in Sunshine, will host two workshops next month to highlight the importance of regular mammograms and Pap tests for reducing the risk of breast and cervical cancer.

“While these women are aware of cervical and breast cancer, and some have even had family members and friends affected by cancer, most women have never heard of Pap tests and only a few have had breast screens,” Meg says.

“Breast screens and Pap tests can make an enormous difference to survival rates for breast and cervical cancer so I want to ensure Burmese and Chin women access these life-saving tests.”

During the free sessions, held on 11 and 18 February, the women will visit Sunshine Hospital and ISIS Primary Care in Sunshine to meet the staff and learn how breast and cervical cancer screenings are conducted. A Burmese interpreter will also attend both workshops.