Breast screening and women aged under 40


Breast screening and women aged under 40

BreastScreen Victoria urges women under the age of 40 to be breast health aware.

The reminder follows a news article published in the Sunday Herald Sun which highlights issues surrounding a breast cancer diagnosis for young women.

BreastScreen Victoria CEO Vicki Pridmore says women aged under 40 are not eligible to attend BreastScreen Victoria as breast screens are not recommended for younger women.

“Women under 40 have dense breast tissue which makes it difficult for breast screens to accurately detect breast cancer,” Ms Pridmore said.

“Younger women should be aware of their family history of breast cancer and other cancers and if they are concerned, they should speak to their regular health professional.”

“It’s critical that all women, no matter our age, look after our breast health, but the specific actions you take should differ depending on your age,” she said.

BreastScreen Victoria provides the following advice:

  • For women aged up to 44, it is important to get to know the look and feel of your own breasts, and to see your doctor immediately if you notice any changes.
  • For women aged 45-49, it is also important to be vigilant about knowing their breasts, and to discuss options with your GP, including whether or not to have a breast screen.
  • For women aged 50-74, you should have a breast screen every two years
  • For women aged over 75, you should discuss your overall health management plan with your doctor, which could include breast screening.

“Breast health awareness is important for all women, and women should know what is ‘normal’ for them,” Ms Pridmore said.