Breast cancer research project seeks Victorian women


Breast cancer research project seeks Victorian women

50,000 Victorian women are required to assist with breast cancer research project lifepool.

lifepool project manager Lisa Devereux said those involved provide information about themselves via a questionnaire which will be used to contribute to breast cancer research and improving women's health.

“By collecting health and lifestyle information, mammogram data and following the health of participants, lifepool hopes to help answer the very complex questions about breast cancer risk, improve our understanding of how breast cancer develops and how best to screen women effectively,” said Ms Devereux. 

“We’re encouraging those women who participate to invite a friend to become involved and make a significant contribution toward improving the health of Australian women.”

Any Victorian woman who has had, or intends to have, a mammogram can be involved with lifepool. BreastScreen Victoria provides free breast screens to women over the age of 40, with women between 50 and 74 actively encouraged to have a mammogram once every two years. 

“Each week, BreastScreen Victoria sends out about 2,500 invitation letters to women who are booked in for a mammogram. The letter describes the lifepool project and asks interested women to get in touch,” said BreastScreen Victoria CEO Vicki Pridmore.

54 year old Newport woman Kaylene Skinner decided to take part in the lifepool project after she was diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram at the Footscray BreastScreen clinic in 2012.