Breast cancer now most common new cancer in Victoria


Breast cancer now most common new cancer in Victoria

A new report has found that breast cancer is now the most common new cancer diagnosed in Victoria.

Breast cancer now accounts for 13.9% of all new cases, and 29% of all new cancers for women, according to data released for the first time today in the publication Cancer in Victoria: Statistics and Trends 2014.

In the same report, breast cancer was the fourth ranking cause of cancer death with 746 deaths.

BreastScreen Victoria CEO, Vicki Pridmore, says the new report is a stark reminder of the importance for women aged 50-74 to have a regular breast screen, every two years.

‘We know that 1 in 9 Victorian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and today’s report is an important reminder that from the age of 50, we must all make the time to book that appointment for a breast screen, every two years.’

Incidence of breast cancer continues to increase albeit slowly. According to the report, breast cancer incidence is expected to increase by 28% from 2009-2011 to 2027-2029 with an expected decline in mortality rate of approximately 18% from 2010-2014 to 2025-2029.

‘Although now the most common new cancer, we also know that survival rates of breast cancer are very high – almost 90%, due to breast screening and improvements in treatments.’

‘There are  number of things women can do to manage their risk of breast cancer – keeping physically active, eating a healthy diet, limiting their intake of alcohol, and being breast aware – seeing a doctor if you notice any unusual change.’

‘But of course one of the most important things you can do for your health is to book your breast screen if you are aged 50-74 and it has been more than two years since your last appointment,’ said Ms Pridmore.

To make an appointment book online at breastscreen.org.au or call 13 20 50.

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