Why work with us?


Why work with us?

Our vision is to be a world class cancer screening provider that saves lives, and a trusted source of information on breast cancer. When you join our team, you join a talented and dedicated group and gain a sense of wellbeing that comes from making a difference to the lives of real people.

We are committed to promoting diversity, inclusivity and accessibility within our workplace, and encourage people from diverse communities and backgrounds to apply for roles at BreastScreen Victoria. This includes (but is not limited to): people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; LGBTI communities; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; and people living with disability.

Two women sitting down and talking.
A radiographer with a woman having a mammogram.
A woman having a mammogram as a radiographer looks at the digital image on a monitor.

Professional development

We recognise the importance of all our employees having the skills and knowledge they need in their current role, as well as gaining knowledge and abilities for future career development.

Our learning and development framework identifies development opportunities and creates learning pathways through on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring, and formal training.

Education leave is also available to support employees with work related education.

Salary and benefits

Our enterprise agreement ensures you are rewarded for your experience and qualifications with competitive salaries. The enterprise agreement also provides for other added benefits such as annual leave loading of 17.5% and purchased annual leave options.

Salary packaging

As a not-for-profit organisation, we can offer you access to some amazing tax savings through salary packaging. This means that part of your wages can be paid as a reimbursement of personal expenses and no income tax is payable on this money. In effect, part of your wage is paid tax free.

Work life balance

With policies that provide all team members with access to negotiate flexible working arrangements, BreastScreen Victoria will be an organisation your family will love too!


Our EAP program is a high quality short-term, professional counselling service accessible to all employees and their families to use confidentially and voluntarily to deal with personal and work related issues.

Employee engagement

Regular employee engagement surveys are used to continually improve our employee engagement strategy, which is supported by the BreastScreen Victoria Board of Management and a focus throughout the organisation.

BSV employees

  • Are proud to work for BreastScreen Victoria
  • Make a positive difference to others in their work
  • Are well informed and supported by their manager
  • Cooperate well to get the job done
  • Demonstrate a commitment to our clients
  • Have flexibility in working hours to maintain work life balance

Source: BSV Climate Survey July 2017

Enjoy a supported work environment

On commencement, you will be orientated to the workplace, introduced to your work colleagues, familiarised with policies, procedures and systems, and participate in regular meetings with your manager and your team.

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