Natalie, Chief Radiographer

Radiographer NatalieAs a radiographer, I have always loved working with clients and being able to help people on that pathway from breast screening and assessment if they’re called back for further tests. We’re one of the first-people clients meet, so what we do makes a big difference.

I thought I wanted to do medicine, and was doing work experience, visiting lots of hospital departments. When I met the radiography team, they had a lot of chocolate, and I thought, these are my people! So, that’s what I choose to do. I went straight to university from school and have now been doing breast imaging as a speciality for the past six years full-time.

Being a radiographer, and in particular a mammographer, is great if you like the client side of things and getting to meet a lot of people in a short space of time. If you’re very technically minded and like working with equipment and new technologies, it’s a great role for you.

It’s a bit more routine too, in the 9-5 region. We do some out of hours work but not so much night shifts so if you have a family and like to do things outside of work it’s a really good option.

Being the Chief Radiographer, means I’m in charge of looking after my team of radiographers at North Western BreastScreen. I look after the overall image quality that the radiographers produce. I also work with the other teams in the service to provide a high-quality service.

I’m proud to work for BreastScreen because you’re here meeting the clients, when people come to use our services, they’re so anxious. It can be a scary time being potentially told you might have breast cancer. All of us can imagine being in that position. If you can be that one person that’s kind or makes a client smile or has a nice conversation, it breaks that anxiety and it’s worth it. It’s a great part of the job, and a part I will always love.

I love working at BreastScreen because the quality of the service we provide is so good. From the client care through to the equipment we use, and our image quality is great, and something to be really proud of.

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