Alhana, Radiographer

Radiographer Alhana next to a mammography machineI started working at Gippsland BreastScreen in March this year, after graduating and getting my licence in October 2020.

I was studying at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga doing a four-year Bachelor of medical radiation science course. In the fourth year, I undertook a 36-week internship placement and was so pleased when a job came up at BreastScreen soon after.

I did six months of mammography within a subject, and what I am seeing on the job is like what I learnt at uni. The support I’ve had from my supervisor, Wendy, has been amazing too.

After high school, I was looking at career options. Someone I know is a radiographer and it sounded like an interesting job. I always enjoyed science at high school and the thought of also helping people really appealed to me.

Work is so diverse. At BreastScreen, I typically see about 23 clients in the day. At the start of an appointment, I have a bit of a script of what I say to cover safety and instructions about positioning. After that, I enjoy interaction with clients. If you get a nice flow, it makes it easy to position them on the machine.

I enjoy seeing so many different people during the day, the women who come in are lovely and incredibly grateful. Most of them are checking a breast screen off their to-do list so they don’t want to be there longer than they need to.

I’m proud to do a rewarding job and it is so diverse. It can be a challenge too; you have to think on your feet. Most of the learning is on the job. I feel like most radiographers are good hands-on learners and being practical is a good fit for the job.

In a world where there is so much going on, it feels good to be making a small difference.

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