To me Beautiful LGBTI Women means ...


For me Beautiful LGBTI women means …

... that coming out as our true selves is more about the empowerment of self. Society is resistant to seeing women with a less than ‘perfect’ image. So positive female power is the courage to walk into a room and being unapologetically yourself which cannot be diluted or ignored. There’s an enormous amount of judgment of ourselves and by others and the more we can strip that away the better. It’s incredibly challenging for young girls these days and we must remind them that 'life goes on for a long time and you’ll be many things in that time'. As a Trans Parent of two young daughters I am against 'false beauty standards' and promote 'natural beauty and femininity' to make a powerful statement about being a modern woman. The reality is we live, we love, we continue, and we contribute all with truth and that’s the true essence of beauty.


All photos are taken from the Beautiful Women project and taken by The Social Photographer, Lisa White. 

Portrait of a woman