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Where are Nina and Marjorie?

Nina and Marjorie are BreastScreen Victoria’s state-of-the-art mobile breast screening services.

The bright pink vans are fitted with the latest digital breast cancer screening technology which enables mammography images to be captured more efficiently and be sent to radiologists over a broadband network.

The vans travel around the state on a biennial schedule to ensure rural and regional women have easy access to the service close to home. See a list of all mobile screening locations. 

Who is Nina?

Nina is named in honour of Associate Professor Nina Sacharias, the former director and visiting radiologist at the Alfred Hospital Radiology Department. She is an adjunct clinical professor at Monash University.

Current Location

19 June to 3 August 2017

Location Statistics

  • 345 Women screened this visit

  • 1000 Women screening target

Upcoming Schedule

  • August - September 2017Foster

Who is Marjorie?

Marjorie is named in honour of the late Dr Marjorie Dalgarno, a pioneering radiologist who performed the first mammogram in Australia in the early 1950s.

Current Location

3 July to 25 August

Location Statistics

  • 95 Women screened this visit

  • 650 Women screening target

Upcoming Schedule

  • August - September 2017Marysville

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BreastScreen Victoria has 39 permanent screening clinics and 8 assessment clinics. The Mobile Screening Service visits 29 locations every two years. Women can attend any screening clinic that is convenient.

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