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Breast screening enquiries set to rise following TV advert

BreastScreen Victoria ambassador Evonne Goolagong-Cawley and BreastScreen Victoria CEO on set at the filming of the television commercial.


BreastScreen Victoria’s mass media campaign runs 5-23 October.

Similar to BreastScreen Victoria’s previous mass media campaigns, the advertising will run across television, radio and online in media which specifically targets women over 50.

Our research into why women don’t screen or don’t screen regularly has shown that the majority of underscreeners are ‘Poor Prioritisers’ that in women who know screening is important but they just haven’t got around to booking their appointment. In addition to BreastScreen Victoria’s ongoing marketing activity it is critical that primary health care professionals recommend screening to eligible women every 2 years and help keep breast screening top of mind.

Running in October enables breast screening messages to build upon the breast cancer messages in the market during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The number of enquiries about screening may increase in this period so it is good to keep up to date with current policy and procedures and know your local BreastScreen clinic.

For more information about BreastScreen Victoria go to the Frequently Asked Questions for health professionals.

You can order information resources here to have in your practice.