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Three ways to increase participation at your practice

How can we at First Health Medical Centre help to encourage our eligible patients to learn more about BreastScreen Victoria and remind them their breast screen appointment is due?

At First Health Medical Centre (FHMC), we decided we wanted to promote breast awareness, breast screening and early detection to all registered female patients that were eligible to enter the BreastScreen Victoria program. We started by searching our systems for all women that were 50-69 and didn’t have a previous history of breast cancer.

Endorsing early detection and BreastScreen Victoria

We sent out the BreastScreen Victoria Endorsement Letter to all eligible women. The template for this letter can be downloaded here and added to practice software.

Suite of recalls and recall flags

We added breast screen reminders to our suite of recalls as we do with pap smears. We have a nurse who goes through the recalls each month and contacts the patients. We also set up recall flags to the patient’s files to remind the GP or Practice Nurse their patient is due for their BreastScreen Victoria appointment.

SMS reminders

As well as sending letters to patients we were also able to set up a generic SMS message to eligible patients using our billing software.