Stakeholder forum

Published 21 March 2012 By beth.alcorn
Stakeholder forum

Currently only half the women who attend BSV for their first screening mammogram return for screening two years later. The organisation wishes to understand more about what happens during a woman’s first screening experience and the mindset that may influence her decision to continue screening.

Attending the forum were 33 representatives of a wide range of stakeholder organisations including advocacy groups for women with disabilities, rural, CALD and ATSI women, BSV consumers, health service providers, Cancer Council Victoria and the Department of Health.

Key-note speakers at the forum were Beth Wilson, Victoria’s Health Services Commissioner, Michelle Tournabene from BreastScreen Queensland and BreastScreen Victoria CEO Vicki Pridmore.

The participants were asked to identify key barriers and motivators to screening for first round women, and then agree on key actions to encourage these women to return for rescreening.

Inaugural BreastScreen Victoria Stakeholder Forum Key Recommendations:

Diversify communication channels to reach more women

  • Include messages that are relevant to diverse groups     
  • Identify ambassadors to spread the word
  • Use personal stories/narratives

Focus on the experience of women screening for the first time

  • Provide information on what to expect at first screen

Investigate enhancing the first experience by providing a BSV staff member/volunteer as a guide

  • Allow greater peer support at screening
  • Develop video of screening experience

Improve communication with GPs/Medicare Locals 

  • Capture women who are not on the Victorian Electoral Roll 
  • Reinforce the message that a mammogram is every two years

Provide customer service training for frontline staff to improve consumer experience

  • Training to provide services that are welcoming to all women
  • Include cultural competency training
  • Proactively seek feedback from women about their service experience
  • Report back to women on the results

Take BSV to the workplace

  • Include screening reminders in employee health checks  
  • Use the mobile service to attend workplaces/events (long-term plan)
  • Include time-off for women to attend screening in EBAs (long-term)

Develop accessibility audit of services 

  • Services to be audited to ensure they provide equitable access to all women (women with disabilities, CALD, ATSI, GLBTI, rural)

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