BSV signs MoU with Moreland City Council

Published 30 March 2012 By administrator
BSV signs MoU with Moreland City Council

One in nine Australian women are affected by breast cancer. However, BreastScreen participation rates in the Moreland City Council district are as low as 47 percent in some areas.

The alarming statistics prompted council to sign Victoria’s first Memorandum of Understanding with BreastScreen Victoria to provide the latest details on breast cancer prevention, early detection, breast awareness and screening to council staff.

The first free breast health information session for female staff was held on International Women’s Day, with plans for additional sessions at Moreland City Council and other local government areas.

The 45 minute workplace initiative is led by BreastScreen Victoria’s Statewide Health Promotion Manager Nikki McGrath. The sessions outline the benefits of the free, quick and easy screening process which saves lives.

“Nine out of ten women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of the disease. The biggest risk factor for breast cancer is being a woman over 50 years of age,” said Mrs McGrath.

58 year old Moreland City Council administrative officer Linda Millard is a breast cancer survivor. She ignored a lump in her breast for several months before diagnosis in 2010 as she believed breast cancer didn’t run in her family.

“I regret putting it off (having a mammogram) when I knew something wasn’t right, I really don’t know why we do such silly things."

Mrs Millard urges all women to get informed about the benefits of breast screening. “I think these sessions are paramount as early detection is so important. Know your body and don’t be afraid of having a mammogram, think about your family.”





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