Jo Hall kicking goals in the fight against breast cancer

Published 21 July 2012 By beth.alcorn
Jo Hall kicking goals in the fight against breast cancer

75 per cent of women diagnosed with breast cancer are over 50 years of age. Victoria's breast screening participation rate for those in the high-risk age group of 50-69 years has plateaued at just 55 per cent, even though the early detection of breast cancer is proven to reduce mortality rates.

BreastScreen Victoria’s CEO Vicki Pridmore said “Jo has chosen to be an ambassador for BreastScreen Victoria because she is committed to helping raise awareness around the benefits of early detection in the fight against breast cancer.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Jo to remind people that the earlier we can detect breast cancer, the better the chance of receiving treatment and of survival.

Jo said breast cancer is an issue that’s very close to her heart.

"I have witnessed two friends battle breast cancer and I am in the most at risk age group. Breast cancer can strike anyone – even if you have no family history of the disease."

“Over half of the people that attend footy matches are women, and we were at the MCG on Saturday with an aim to get women aged 50-69 to book their two yearly mammogram.

“We know everyone is time poor, but it is only ten minutes, every two years and it’s free. It could save your life,” Jo said.

Women who participate in regular breast screens benefit from the early detection of breast cancer and have an improved chance of survival, especially when combined with advancing cancer treatments. BreastScreen Victoria provides free breast screening for women over 40.

To make a breast screen appointment please call 13 20 50 or book online.

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