Celebrating 20 Years of Victorian Breast Screening

Published 23 May 2013 By smclean@breastscreen.org.au
Celebrating 20 Years of Victorian Breast Screening

Almost 200 people gathered at Queens Hall Parliament House to celebrate 20 years of breast screening in Victoria.

The majority of attendees at the morning tea were women who have had at least 10 breast screens through the BreastScreen Victoria program during its 20 year history.

Since the program officially launched in 1993, more than 3.5 million screens have been performed.

BreastScreen Victoria CEO Vicki Pridmore said the women who attended the event are great role models for all Victorian women.

“These women have consistently made their health a priority by using the breast screen service every two years,” said Ms Pridmore.

“With one in nine women being diagnosed in their lifetime, these women are setting a fantastic example of how important it is to make the time, just 10 minutes every two years, for peace of mind.”

Ms Pridmore said the past 20 years had seen huge advances in breast cancer research, prevention and treatment.

“It’s fantastic when you look at our far we’ve come. The progress that has been made in research, awareness, treatments, and technology. One example is that in Victoria our screening is now fully digital,” she says.

Victorian Health Minister David Davis commended the development and implementation of the program during the past two decades, while Breast Cancer Network Australia CEO Maxine Morand shared the story of her personal journey through breast cancer.

Dr Karen Wayne, who has participated in the program since its inception, said she leads a busy life but always makes the time to attend her screening appointments.

“Whenever I receive my letter in the mail, I always make it a priority to book myself in for a screen. I ensure I do, not just for myself, but for my family and friends as well, and to know that I am giving myself the best opportunity to detect any signs of breast cancer,” said Ms Wayne.

Just 55 per cent of Victorian women aged between 50 and 69 have a breast screen regularly.

Attendees dug deep and raised more than $1200 for the Cancer Council Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea which also celebrates 20 years in 2013.


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