BreastScreen participants wanted for breast cancer research

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BreastScreen participants wanted for breast cancer research

Research project lifepool, is seeking Victorian women attending BreastScreen to assist with breast cancer research.

lifepool is aiming to recruit 100,000 Victorian women to provide information about themselves which will be used to contribute to breast cancer research and improving women's health. The project is funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

lifepool project manager Lisa Devereux  said the focus of lifepool is on supporting research into breast cancer and other women’s health issues. 

“By collecting health & lifestyle information, mammogram data and following the health of participants, lifepool hopes to help answer the very complex questions about breast cancer risk, why it develops, how best to screen women effectively and how best to treat different types of breast cancer,” said Mrs Devereux. 

Researchers apply to lifepool for permission to use the data in whatever combination they need.  By having such a large pool of information at the ready, research will be accelerated.

“lifepool aims to help researches develop better detection and treatment for breast cancer, and ultimately, find a cure.  It’s a great example of women helping women in Victoria.”

Any Victorian woman who has had, or intends to have, a mammogram can be involved with lifepool.  BreastScreen Victoria provides free screening mammograms to women over the age of 40, with women between 50 and 69 actively encouraged to undergo regular screening. 

Each woman who joins lifepool is asked to provide information about herself by completing a questionnaire.  The questionnaire takes about thirty minutes to one hour but can be done at home in your own time.  The privacy of every woman is protected. 

BCNA CEO Maxine Morand encouraged BCNA’s Victorian members to talk about lifepool with their friends and women in their community. 

“Research is crucial to understanding more about what causes breast cancer and how we can improve diagnosis and treatment of the most common cancer affecting Australian women,” said Ms Morand.

You can find more information about lifepool and the research project by emailing your full name and mailing address to and an information pack will be mailed to you.

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