Breast cancer patients tell their story through art

Published 18 December 2012 By
Breast cancer patients tell their story through art

An art project involving more than 100 breast cancer sufferers has been unveiled at the Monash Cancer Centre.

The Joy of Life was designed by BreastScreen ambassador and artist Dr Julie Gross McAdam.

The MAC.ART Program Director facilitated the project to raise awareness of breast cancer and assist patients with their individual journeys.

Dr McAdam said projects such as this one evolve from being more than just another painting exercise, into special and lasting memorials.

"The creative purpose of art is not only to empower individual artists to find some extra meaning in life, important as that is, but art activities in this context can create a bridge between unexpressed inner thoughts and feelings about cancer and the hard external reality of trying to survive," Dr McAdam said.

Communal artwork projects, such as the Joy of Life, exemplify how colour and art can be effectively combined and applied, as a "means of recovery" from the trauma of cancer, for both men and women from all walks of life."

The painting is on display outside the Monash Medical Centre BreastScreen Victoria clinic in Moorabbin.

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