Screening Saves Lives

12 February 2013

Screening Saves Lives

Nina, the BreastScreen Victoria mobile screening service, has rolled into Kyneton.

Radiographers aim to screen 1203 local women at the van from February 7 to March 24.

BreastScreen Victoria particularly encourages women aged 50 to 69 to screen, as it is proven they are at most benefit from the program.

Women from the age of 40 are eligible for a free mammogram once every two years.

Metcalfe woman, Virginia Lester had no symptoms when she was diagnosed with breast cancer after a screening mammogram in 2005.

“I felt extremely fortunate that it had beenpicked up, if I hadn’t been going to BreastScreen regularly I wouldn’t have found it,” Ms Lester said.

Ms Lester had been to BreastScreen about four times before her diagnosis. She said she never anticipated a cancer finding because she has no family history of breast cancer.

“I was shocked because it never dawned on me that that sort of thing would have happened to me,” she said.

“It is shattering because it has such a thing about it, the word cancer puts the fear of God in everyone.

“But one week later it was gone, I had an operation and (precautionary) radiation therapy.

“I put that down to that fact that I had been regularly checked, it hadn’t spread.”

The 74-year-old breast cancer survivor believes early detection saved her life.

“I couldn’t speak more highly of the fact that we have the possibility to go, we are unbelievably lucky in this country,” Ms Lester said.

She urges other women to take action and make an appointment.

“I can’t even tell you how much I would say just do it. I just feel so strongly that women should go,” she said.

BreastScreen Victoria figures show 56 per cent of women aged between 50 and 69 living in the Macedon electorate take advantage of free mammogram services.

The figure is well below BreastScreen Victoria’s 70 per cent target.

Member for Macedon, Joanne Duncan, welcomes the arrival of the service to town.

“Breast screening can save lives, it is as simple as that. We are so lucky to have this great service on our doorstep,” Ms Duncan said.

“It only takes approximately 10 minutes, it’s not invasive and it gives great peace of mind. It’s the best way of finding cancer early before any symptoms are noticed and when treatment is likely to be most successful.”

State Member for Northern Victoria, Donna Petrovich, is also a strong supporter of the service and says regular screening mammograms are the best way to find breast cancer early, before any symptoms are noticed and when treatment is likely to be most successful.

“I urge all women in the Macedon Ranges to take advantage of the convenient BreastScreen Victoria Mobile Screening Service while it is visiting the region,” Ms Petrovich said.

To make an appointment call 13 20 50 or book online at

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